Project Activities

The project’s activities are designed in order to critically explore the following matters:


The 4 Phases of Development

The Game-based Critical Learning Skills “Hackathon” is the core activity of the entire project.
This is a creative problem solving event, ideally involving technology, comprising 4 distinctive phases of development.

Think Tank

Creation of a Think Tank  with stakeholders and partner training organizations (academic & vocational training), both in Greece and in Cyprus,  in order to engage them  in a critical discussion regarding the purpose and methodology of the entire project. Participants in this group are:


Game On online event

An online event where participants join and find out about the objectives of this initiative. Participants will be informed about the process, the key objectives to be reached, the suggested areas of innovation, existing challenges so far experienced in these fields, (adult education and gamification).

You can see the video of the event here

Registration Form

Registration to the “Game on” webinar is now closed. Please register to this site so as to follow the developments of the project and our future activities. Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you in one of our future actions!

“Deep Dive In Gaming” Hackathon 

Athens, 24-25 November 2022

This is the core activity of the entire project, where parallel workshops will take place (in Athens, Greece). Participants will be urged to work collaboratively with their peers, both in homogeneous or heterogeneous groups, in order to share their views and ideas addressing clearly the questions – challenges set by the project plus a reasonably specific proposed solution.

Event Invitation & Registration here


Transferability Kit

A transferability (T)-kit will be developed containing both the main project steps and the outcomes of the “Hackathon”.