“Deep Dive in Gaming” Hackathon – Invitation

Athens, 24-25 November 2022 

This two-day event is a main component of the SP2ACE project (https://sp2ace-project.eu). It is a hybrid event with expert panels and workshops, game experience and game developing activities.

During this event you will have the opportunity to play, attend workshops, and share your personal experience – whether theoretical or practical – regarding game-based learning, serious play, and gamification of learning in adult education. You will be able to discuss any practical examples you have in this field (game-based learning) and elaborate on any questions which may arise during the event. Attendees* will be from various scientific fields, the world of Academia, Adult Educators, IT specialists, Digital Learning experts, Gamers & Human Resources executives, all aiming to discuss topics regarding:

  • Increase engagement and critical thinking in adult education through game-based learning
  • Define digital learning procedures & methodology in developing skilful adults through serious play
  • Raise awareness in regards to the value of gamification in adult education

The 2nd day will be dedicated at the exploration of the Game structural elements. You will have the chance to approach both theoretically and practically all the levels of game development.

*Maximum number of participants will be limited to 40 people

You can apply by Monday 21/11/2022 by scanning this QR

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