Who we are

The Players of the project

The SP²ACE project is implemented by the Hellenic Adult Education Association in Greece and HR Skills Experiential Learning & Human Resource Development Ltd in Cyprus. Several other institutions and experts are actively engaged in the project's implementation. Adult Educators and other practitioners of this scientific area as well as experts on gamification and gamified learning, game developers and gamers are welcome in the SP²ACE Knowledge Community.

Meet the Key Partners

Hellenic Adult Education Association

HAEΑ, is a scientific non-profit association based in Athens, Greece. We believe that the social, organizational and human potential can be greatly enhanced through Adult Education (AE). HAEA actively seeks to further expand scientific thought through research and action learning programs that act as bridge between the state of the art theoretical approaches conceived and developed within HAEA and the practical results from the numerous successful programs it has performed in many organizational settings. HAEA is a very active community of practice that promotes innovative approaches in AE and training, develops awareness on AE philosophy and principles, cooperates with international associations, enterprises, scientific societies, institutes, Universities, private and public entities in the field, acts as a place to discuss professional, scientific, and educational areas of improvement among its members and develops research initiatives.

HAEA offers seminars, e-learning programs, congresses, consultation, printed & digital training material, the scientific journal “Adult Education” and implements EU programs. HAEA has valuable expertise in the use of the following methods: Experiential and innovative ways of learning, Development of Business Skills, Use of Digital Technology in education, Learning through the use of Art.

HAEA offers its members a wide range of training programs through face to face or virtual delivery and a scientific journal. Members of the Association are adult educators, trainers, researchers, as well as post graduate students in the field of adult education. The Association equally provides training for non-members who aspire in becoming trainers through Train the Trainer programmes, as well as in bespoke in-house training for various organisations (e.g Municipalities, Industry, NGO’s). Thus, its target age groups range from university students to professionals and senior citizens and subsequently cover the entire duration of a professional’s life.

Website: www.adulteduc.gr

HR Skills Experiential Learning & Human Resource Development Ltd

HR Skills Ltd is a consulting and training company offering Training & Development services to organizations and businesses (small to large scale) who wish to develop their employees’ soft skills.

HR Skills’s innovative game-based experiential learning programs are delivered both indoors and outdoors and are based on the principles of adult education and training.

HR Skills has consulted, trained, evaluated and mentored large and small organizations in Cyprus and Greece, assisting them to build internal capability and soft skills in order to deliver notable performance and make a difference to their practices. HR Skills’s accredited adult trainers and experiential learning facilitators have more than 30 years of experience. 

Website: www.training4skills.com


Project Associates